Checkout Payment When you purchase and checkout, you can pay from an existing PayPal account or you can click the ‘Debit or Credit Card’ button to pay without having to be a PayPal member.

Personal Privacy  We will not intentionally film the face of an audience member and will do our best to ensure that those who appear on-stage are portrayed in a positive manner.  We trust that anyone who appears on stage (eg. Hosts, Guests, Judges, Support Crew, etc) are aware that the Event is being recorded and that they may therefore appear on the video.

Delivery Times  We aim to post out all video orders in 4-6 weeks of the event. We have many events in November/December so it can take us a bit longer for shows in that period.  We aim to publish photos within 14 days of the show.  If you have supplied an email address with your order then we will advise when your order has been posted.

USBs are delivered in a clear plastic case (a bit larger than a credit card) with a visible title card for the event/show details.  They are written in High Definition (12-18mbps or higher).  A two hour show will be supplied on a 16GB drive.  They can be played on a Computer, Smart TV (but NOT some models of Sony Bravia TVs) or Media Device with a USB port.  USBs are obviously harder to damage than a DVD.

DVDs are delivered in a plastic case with a printed cover for the event/show.  They are written in Standard Definition (7-8mbps).  A two hour show will be supplied on two disks.  Our DVDs are best suited to playing in a DVD player.  They will look better on newer players, especially Bluray players, than on some older devices.  They will play on a PC but the image quality will be lower.  It will look worst on a Mac, depending on which media player you are using.  If you are playing on Mac then we recommend VLC as a suitable choice of media player.  Scratches on the DVD track surface can cause it to not play (as we've all learnt).  We do not encode a Zone or Region on our DVDs so they are OK to post overseas.