AHA 2019 Video and Photo Options


AG Photo MEGAPack:

ALL your best performance photos from every time you dance. MEGA packs are priority processed & delivered first via emailed link. MEGA pack orders will NOT appear on AGP website, unless requested. INCLUDES BONUS presentation photos.

J: $99 - A/B:$149

AG Photo Minipack:

Your best photos processed and uploaded to the AGP website for you to select. Mini packs include a voucher code to put towards your photos order. eg. Juniors will have pre-purchased 4 Photos, A/B’s will have pre-purchased 5 Photos. All photos $12 each.

J: $48 - A/B: $60


Competitors Own MP4s:

Competitors who order will receive their own dances on MP4 via email. Includes Prelim Solos, Quarters, Semis and Finals performances (all that are applicable). INCLUDES full Awards Final on MP4, emailed to you.

J: $40 - A/B: $60

Awards Final Video:

Video of the full evening Awards Final is available for anyone to purchase separately. DVD/USB posted to you (included in price). MP4 emailed to you.

DVD/USB: $50 - MP4: $30

Dance Studios:

MP4 files emailed to you (in bulk) of all dances by your students who have themselves ordered.

0-5 Students: $20

6-10 Students: $40

10+ Students: $60